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 Jamie and Tess - the Locksmiths at BMD - have been caring for dreads for the past 10 years. After working from home and in salons, we have crafted our own style of dreadlock creation and repair that delivers fast, tight and natural-looking dreads for any hair type. Our technique uses the crochet hook, and we NEVER use waxes, chemicals or glues. We can maintain and repair even the wildest of dreadlocks, and for a fraction of the prices you'd pay at a salon!




New dreadlocks

full head, or even just a few!

Dreadlock extensions

with real or synthetic hair

Dreadlock maintenance & rectification work

for even the wildest of locks

Dreadlock removal

natural processes for healthy new hair 

A range of dread care products 

check out our dread wraps, beads, shampoos, and more!

Expert advice

for keeping your dreadlocks looking good between maintenance sessions


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